Tren 100 side effects

tren 100

Patients with transaminase levels in blood plasmaexceeding more than 1.5 times the upper limit of normal tren 100 side effects, or alkaline phosphatase, exceeding more than 2.5 times , the recommended . Patients with elevated bilirubin and / or increased activity in conjunction with increased levels of alkaline phosphatase more than 6 times .

At the moment, there are no data on the use of Taxotere in combination with other drugs in patients with impaired hepatic function.


The safety and efficacyin children poorly understood. There is limited experience with the use in children.

Elderly In view of the pharmacokinetic data analysis of any specific instructions on the use of Taxotere are absent in the elderly.

In combination with capecitabine in patients older than 60 years, it recommended starting dose reduction of capecitabine (see. On the use of capecitabine instructions).

Instructions for preparation of the solution

tren 100 side effectsConcentrate for solution for infusion of 20 mg / 0.5 ml : the actual content in the vial of 24.4 mg / 0.61 ml to compensate for fluid loss in the preparation of a pre-mixed solution due to foaming, adhesion to the walls of the vial and the presence of ” dead space. trenbolone ” Thus, an excess of drug in the vial will ensure that its contents after dilution solvent supplied minimal volume dialed be premixed solution of 2 ml containing 10 mg / ml docetaxel, corresponding to 20 mg (dose indicated on the label) tren acetate 100 side effects.

Concentrate for solution for infusion at 80 mg / mL of 2 : The actual contents of the tren 100 side effectscompensate for fluid loss in the preparation of a pre-mixed solution due to foaming, adhesion to the walls of the vial and the presence of “dead space “. Thus, the excess drug vial ensures that the amount of 8 ml containing 10 mg / ml docetaxel, which corresponds to 80 mg (dose indicated on the label) of its contents after dilution solvent supplied dialed minimum volume premixed solution.

Preparation of the solution for intravenous administration

Concentrate for infusion solution must first dissolve in the accompanying solvent.

a) Preparation of pre-mixed solution of Taxotere (docetaxel 10 mg / ml)

Before dilution vial and solvent is necessary to withstand for 5 minutes at room temperature.

The entire contents of the vial with the solvent is typed in via syringe needle (vial located slightly angled) and injected into the vial with Taxotere.

Bottle the mixture obtained is flipped over 45 seconds. (Do not shake!) And left for 5 minutes. at room temperature, after which the solution was checked for homogeneity and clarity (presence foam even after 5 min. is the norm).

The pre-mixed solution is recommended for solution for infusion immediately after its preparation. Taxotere premix solution may be stored in a refrigerator (+ 2 ° C to 8 ° C) or at room temperature for 8 hours.

b) Preparation of infusion solution

The required amount of pre-mixed solution in accordance with the desired dose is injected into infusion bag or bottle containing 250 ml of 5% dextrose or 0.9% sodium chloride solution. If the required dose exceeds 200 mg docetaxel, use a larger volume of liquid for infusions, the concentration of docetaxel was not above 0.74 mg / ml.

The contents of the bag for infusion or vial should be mixed no side effects tren a 100 mgs ed. The resulting solution should be used within 4 h by intravenous infusion of one hour at room temperature and under normal light conditions.

Taxotere premix solution and infusion solution, tren 100 side effects as well as any other products for parenteral use, should be inspected prior to administration; when sediment availability solution should be destroyed.

Tren 100 side effects

From the side of hematopoiesis: the most common tren ace 100 side effects of is reversible neutropenia, in some cases accompanied by a fever, infection joining, and sometimes sepsis and pneumonia. The number of neutrophils is reduced to a minimum in an average of 7 days (in patients previously treated with chemotherapy, this period may be shorter), the average duration of severe neutropenia (<500 cells / mm) and is 7 days. Perhaps the development of thrombocytopenia and anemia. Rarely bleeding occur, mainly due to thrombocytopenia.

Allergic reaction : usually occur within a few minutes after the start of infusion of tren 100 side effects, and are easy to moderate (flushing, rash combined with itching, chest tightness, back pain, dyspnoea and drug fever or chills). Severe reactions, characterized by a decrease in blood pressure and / or bronchospasm or generalized rash / erythema disappeared after cessation of the infusion and the appointment of adequate therapy.

Skin and skin appendages: alopecia, mild to moderate skin reactions. Less common are expressed reactions such as rash, itchy skin or limited limb erythema (including heavy defeat syndrome palms and feet) with edema followed by desquamation, and the hands, face and chest. Hypo – or hyperpigmentation of nails, heavy defeat nails (onycholysis) are rare. Also rarely develops bullous rash tren 100 side effects (Lyell’s syndrome or Stevens-Johnson syndrome). Fluid retention: described cases of peripheral edema and less frequently pleural and pericardial effusion, ascites and weight gain. The peripheral edema usually appear initially on the lower limbs, and can then be generalized, leading to an increase in body weight of 3 kg or more. The incidence and severity of fluid retention increases with repeated administration of the drug; average total dose of tren 100 side effects, in which there is fluid retention, formed during premedication 818.9 mg / m 2 , and without a pre-medication – 489.7 mg / m 2 ; In some cases, fluid retention may occur during the first course of therapy. Fluid retention is not accompanied by acute episodes of oliguria or decrease in blood pressure. In rare cases it reported the development of dehydration and pulmonary edema.