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Tavanic must not be used to treat parabolan side effects children and adolescents because of the probability of destruction of the articular cartilage.
In the treatment of elderly patients should be aware that patients in this group often have impaired renal function (see. Section “Dosing and administration”) for very severe pneumonia, caused by pneumococcus tavanic may not give the optimal therapeutic effect. Hospital infections caused by certain pathogens (P. aeruginosa), may require combination therapy.
During treatment with Tavanic may develop seizures attack in patients with previous brain damage caused by, for example, stroke or severe injury. Seizure may be increased, and while the application fenbufena similar to him NSAIDs or theophylline (sm. “Interactions”).
Despite the fact that the photosensitivity observed in the application of levofloxacin is very rare, in order to avoid her patients is not recommended to be subjected unnecessarily to strong sunlight or artificial ultraviolet light (eg, exposure to the sun in the highlands or the solarium).

parabolan side effectsIf you suspect pseudomembranous colitis should parabolan side effects immediately cancel tavanic and start appropriate treatment. In such cases, you can not use drugs that suppress intestinal motility parabolan steroid side effects.
Rarely observed when using the drug tavanic tendinitis (especially inflammation of the Achilles tendon) may lead to tendon rupture. Elderly patients are more prone to tendonitis. Corticosteroid treatment ( “cortisone preparations”) are likely to increase the risk of tendon rupture. If you suspect tendonitis trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate, stop treatment with Tavanic and start appropriate treatment of the affected tendon, for example, providing him rest state (see. “Contraindications” and “Side effects”).

Patients with deficiency of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (an inherited metabolic disorder) fluoroquinolones can respond to the destruction of erythrocytes (hemolysis). In this regard, the treatment of such patients with levofloxacin should be carried out with great care.
These side effects Tavanic drug like dizziness or numbness, drowsiness and visual disturbances (see. Also section “Side effects), can impair reactivity and ability to concentrate parabolan side effects steroids. this can be a risk in situations where these abilities are of special importance (eg while driving, during maintenance of machines and mechanisms, when working in an unstable position). in particular as parabolan injection side effects it concerns cases of drug interactions with alcohol.