Parabolan steroid

parabolan steroid side effects

Kinetics docetaxel is dose-dependent and corresponds to the three-phase model with the pharmacokinetic half-life of 4 min., 36 min. and 11.4 hr., respectively. Docetaxel is more than 95% bound to plasma proteins. Within 7 days docetaxel excreted in urine and…

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Parabolan dosage

parabolan dosage

Relationship to plasma proteins is 95%. Excretion of plasma dwuhfazno corresponding hours. Clemastine subject to significant metabolism in the liver. Metabolites in the ground (45 – 65%) excreted through the kidneys in the urine; unmodified active substance found in urine…

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Parabolan cycle

parabolan cycle results

Tavanic must not be used to treat children and adolescents because of the probability of destruction of the articular cartilage. In the treatment of elderly patients should be aware that patients in this group often have impaired renal function parabolan…

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